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A bit about us

Translating ideas into stories worth telling

Cave-Paint was established in 2013 when two people from quite different walks of life had a great idea: One was an educationalist who had access to a pool of creative talent; the other worked in the city and had a raft of clients who were looking for the next big thing to help them sell or market their product. And there it is, Cave Paint was established. Want to know more, then e-mail us at info.cavepaint@gmail.com

So what exactly do we do?

2 and 3D Animations
Graphic design
Web design

Frequently asked questions

Who do we work with? We are able to work with just about any industry, that is so long as you need to find an interesting a fresh way to communicate your ideas. In the last 12 months we have worked in education, finance, information technologies and e-commerce to name but a few…There are more but you get the picture. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients are saying’

How are your videos made? Every video that comes out of the Cave is the result of the hard work and dedication of a whole host of people. Our team consists of story leads, artists, designers, animators, voice actors and music composers. All of this is lovingly overseen by one of the company Directors who will be on hand to ensure that the product exceeds your expectations.

How much do you charge? Ah, now this is one of the most frequently asked questions. Whilst we have a range of packages to choose from (Bronze, Silver and Gold), it’s not quite that simple. We don’t have a definitive price list as we work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the right product for them. We don’t put a price tag on anything until we have met you in person. 



More and more businesses are choosing to market their products and services through the use of video. The process is easier than you think!

Graphic Design

Behind every great idea is a graphic designer or animator. Let us help you design a product that’s worth talking about. After all, great ideas are worth sharing!

Web Development

A website says a lot about your business so why compromise? Let us help you navigate around the techi stuff to find the right product for you!

And if that were not enough, we can also do…



  • Logo Designs
  • Marketing Materials
  • Info-Graphics


  • Brand Development 
  • App and I-Book Development 
  • Live Drawing…phew, that’s it! 
  • Client 1
  • Client 2
  • Client 3
  • Client 4
  • Client 5
  • Client 6
  • Client 7
  • Client 8
  • Client 9
  • Client 10






TV and Film

We are proud to also have a small portfolio of work with the BBC. Our 3D animators are experts at rigging characters and scenary; Look closely, you may just recognise some of the characters!   

The Learner Hub: Typography

As you can probably see from our portfolio, when we get stuck into a project we get stuck in. The NUS and the ETF asked us to promote their new site through a wide range of media. Typography is an easy way to relate information in a meaningful way and in little time 

Enter the CAVE

3D animation is a very powerful tool and favoured by many of our clients. Whilst it takes a long time to get the product right, it’s worth the wait. 

Cave help Ford with their new App Link Campaign

Here is a sneek preview of the story boards that are being used to support the launch of Ford’s latest technological innovation, App-Link

CAVE’s Portfolio 2014

Here is a little sample of our work. We can offer a range of styles so why not just give us a call?

The Learner Hub: Brand Identity

This is one of Cave’s biggest ever projects and it included animations, logo designs, info-graphics, posters and kinetic typography to name but a few…Here’s the logo we designed

The Learner Hub. Measuring Impact

This is the Last of 3 videos that are being used by the NUS to promote their latest strategy, The Learner Representative HUB

The Learner Hub: Developing your Learner Reps

This is the 2nd of 3 videos that are being used by the NUS to promote their latest strategy, The Learner Representative HUB

Ernst & Young: Internal Marketing Strategy

EY wanted some help launching a new strategy in the UK. Our brief was to produce a 4 minute video that gave a brief overview of some of the proposed changes. It went down very well and enabled the presenter to relay a vast amount of information in a very short time-frame 

FORD Europe: The Surprising dangerous history of the Selfie

When Ford asked us to support their new campaign to highlight the dangers of taking Selfie’s whilst driving, we were delighted. This was a great project that took around 6 weeks from initial consultation to achieving 20000 hits on Youtube. 

The Learner Representative HUB

We started this project some months ago with a very wide brief, including the design of a logo for a new venture entitled, The Learner Rep Hub. The logo represents the 3 elements of the Hub which are: Engage, Develop and Impact. The outer ring signifies the need to constantly review and reflect upon progress. […]


We are fortunate to have a talented team of artists at our disposal. Here is just a small sample of their work. 

Carnival Billboard makes its way around Europe

We were given just 48 hours to design, manufacture and build a carnival billboard to accompany Ford around Europe. we just made it and last time i checked it was in France. Drive safely…

Marketing video for Ford Europe

We produced this short animation for Ford as part of a campaign that tracked the development of the transit van. They chose a simple hand drawn style with some quirky references to some iconic images of the last 4 decades

The Learner Representative HUB (LRH)

This is one of 3 videos that is being used to launch a new venture between the NUS and the Educational Training Foundation, formally known as LSIS.

Live Drawing to launch SGS Teaching and Learning Strategy

This was one of Cave’s very first projects and arguably one of our favourites. Company Director Dan drew this live and helped SGS College to launch their new Teaching and Learning Strategy. Its raw style is still very appealing and when done live, has a real impact!


Pricing Table

£800 Per minute

Ideal for SMEs

  • Project Manager
  • Variety of 2D animations
  • Black and White or Colour
  • HD output
  • Music and voiceover
  • 1 revision
£975 Per Minute

Creative and Corporate

  • Project Manager
  • Variety of 2D animations
  • Colour with textures
  • Any output
  • Bespoke Music and voiceover
  • 3 revisions
ASK US Per Minute

Completely bespoke

  • Company Director
  • Variety of 2D and 3D animations
  • Full Colour
  • HD output
  • Original Music and voiceover
  • Unlimited revisions





Contact us

  • Vice Principal

    SGS College
    As an educationalist, I love working with CAVE. They have a wonderful philospohy and look to harness young talent. Cave have helped us develop and launch several internal strategies. You won’t be disappointed!