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Mark has amassed over 20 years of experience in the education and commercial sectors and is the Creative Director at CAVE. It’s Mark’s job to translate your ideas into stories that are worth sharing.



Born and raised in London with 2 decades experience in Media, Animation And Film. Having worked for the UK’s largest publishing houses (EMAP and IPC), Dan has unparalleled experience in Creative marketing and design.



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Animation & Film

The idea is simple.

We believe that animation and Film are the best way to deliver information to the world about your product or services.

We’ve worked with a large number of high profile clients to create bespoke animation that are guaranteed to grab your client’s attention.

Our service is broken into 3 main packages, Silver, Gold and Platinum.



The Silver package is a budget orientated option, that is ideal for small businesses that are starting to expand.
Silver includes some creative basic animation film, mostly in black and white or some very basic colour palettes.


So you need something a bit more glamorous? Our Gold package videos are sure to make an impact on your audience with rich  creative vivid colours and professional voice overs.
Gold is great for established businesses that are reaching out to new markets. It’s great value for money.


Need something a bit more specific? Platinum is a fully Creative customisable package. For a little added cost, we’ll fully customise your animation to meet your exact requirements. We can even make your videos interactive. Platinum is whatever you want, delivered exactly the way you want it.


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